The Bad Boyz of Culinary
invites you to an evening featuring some of San Diego's top upcoming chefs and some of their best dishes.
You will decide who is the best!


chef ena

chef ena

CEO of Eat Bomb San Diego LLC. Chef Ena continues to serve God’s people with open arms. Chef Ena was raised by her 5 aunts in Los Angles California. Every holiday was a wonderful feast. She watched her aunts and grandmother create magic in the kitchen. Every recipe was memorized, she was intrigued by their service. While attending San Diego Job Corps, Chef Ena fell in love with the people of San Diego. She started her business in 2014. She went from selling fried chicken, sides, and Kool-Aid to de-shelling high quality Alaskan King Crab, who would have thought? God gave her a promotion! The people of San Diego supported her vision. Chef Ena served custom plates from her home until she saved enough to start a vending business. Her first event was at Soul Swap Meet. From there, she expanded to Diego Eats and Spring Valley Swap Meet. Her signature Butter Bomb Sauce sold out at every event. The flavorful Butter Bomb sauce is served as a dipping for the fried Alaskan King Crab. Butter Bomb Sauce is mixed with Bomb seasoning. This seasoning is a house special and a family’s favorite. All of Bomb seasonings will remind you of momma’s home cooking. The Bomb seasoning and Butter Bomb Sauce equals pure love. Chef Ena takes great pride in feeding the community. She has been blessed to serve skid row in Los Angles California several times. Her only prayer was to serve, and God did the rest!

Chef Raven Gueye

chef gueye

Raven Gueye 31, based in San Diego, is a home chef originally from MS. Starting her career off as as Social Worker, she has transformed building rapport in the field to creating love and family memories in the kitchen. She specializes in Southern cuisine with her catering and private events such as Dinners with Rae. As she continues to grace the kitchens of San Diego, she invites you to experience her soulful dishes and feel the love for yourself.

Chef McIntire

Chef McIntire

Born in October of 1995 in Indianapolis, Indiana chef McIntire has been raised by excellent family cooks. At the age of 9 his family moved to Arizona so his father could earn his culinary degree. While in high school he excelled in culinary arts discovering his true passion in a small kitchen/classroom. At the age of 18 chef McIntire enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a food service specialist where he deployed around the world cooking for thousands at a time. When his service to his country ended honorably, chef McIntire moved back to Arizona where attended Arizona Culinary Institute. Chef McIntire is now a growing private chef in Arizona.

Chef Street

Chef street

Chef Sheridan Street is a self taught private chef and food blogger ready to throw down in the kitchen and put smiles on clients faces with full stomachs. Shes 33 years young from her hometown of San Diego. Growing up with a Costa Rican and African American background, fusion food and unique flavor profiles goes without saying. Cooking for elite professional athletes in the NBA and NFL to Grammy Winning music artists she’s always ready to tackle the competition and show out. She’s been featured on Fox Soul for a Valentine’s Day episode with Tammi Mac, worked with Roy Choi and Kroger’s ‘Zero Hunger Zero Waste’ initiative as well as being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘Top 25 Private Chefs to look out for in 2021’. Food brings people together and fuels the soul. Eat with Street!

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