How it started

Bad Boyz of Culinary

The idea came up while Chef Quintin and Kelston were conversating about being young Black Chefs coming up in the culinary world with all the challenges placed in front of them during the Pandemic of 2020.

It started with organizing some local events to showcase the talent of Black Chefs in the San Diego area and at the same time help out restaurants that were having a tough time during that time.  After encourage from family and friends both Chefs decided to turn it into a movement to help pave the way for others looking to grow their knowledge in the culinary industry.

Mission Statement

To highlight African American Chefs and create awareness through scholarships, culinary programs, events, and mentorship.

Bad Boyz of Culinary
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The Team

Chef Quinnton Austin

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Chef Quinnton

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Chef Kelston Moore

Co-Founder / CO-CEO

Chef Kelston

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Michael Cox

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Cox

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Tanisha Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Tanisha Newman

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Only together will we achieve

Professional chef in apron and with tattoos on his arms showing a red meat to his assistant



Helping chefs learn new skills and techniques is a great way to stay relevant in this ever changing industry. And we will help culinary professionals achieve their goals and dreams with Educational programs.




Each chef has their own unique story to tell. They are the ones who bring us our favorite recipes and memories of childhood meals, they make it fun for all ages!




To bring the local culinary competition into public venues like restaurants and food coops, so that people can see and taste what great chefs are doing in their area. And to also create a platform for showcasing the best of local chefs and their recipes.


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